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ShotSpotter on the Front Page of the Washington Post!

by James G. Beldock on October 23, 2006

I don’t usu­al­ly blog about my work di­rect­ly, if on­ly be­cause there’s a link to it up above. But it’s al­so not every day that your com­pa­ny finds its way on­to the front page of a ma­jor na­tion­al news­pa­per. The ar­ti­cle (“Gunshot Sensors are Giving D.C. Police Jump on Suspects”) tells the sto­ry of the large de­ploy­ment of ShotSpotter tech­nol­o­gy in Washington, DC by the Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI.

So to­day I’m go­ing to brag a bit: ShotSpotter sys­tems are now de­ployed in cities na­tion­wide, from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, DC, and they’re sav­ing lives and help­ing po­lice make ar­rest. ShotSpotter sys­tems re­al­ly do make a dif­fer­ence (60-80% re­duc­tion in gun­fire rates in cov­er­age ar­eas, 30% re­duc­tion in vi­o­lent crime rates in some ar­eas we cov­er, we helped FBI and lo­cal au­thor­i­ties catch the Ohio Sniper back in 2003-2004), and its grat­i­fy­ing when the press picks up the facts and–for once–makes the front page news out of some good news.

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