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Living (with) the Wildlife in South Beach

by James G. Beldock on January 5, 2008

Having just re­turned from my first va­ca­tion in a very long time—and some much-need­ed Spanish practice—I thought I’d share some pho­tographs. I was vis­it­ing Key Biscayne and South Beach (Miami Beach), Florida (and man­aged to leave one day in­to Florida’s re­cent wicked cold spell). I’ll spare you the beach pho­tos and sub­sti­tute a tour of the lo­cal fau­na (and a lit­tle flo­ra, for good mea­sure):

Various Key Biscayne NeighborsVarious Key Biscayne NeighborsVarious Key Biscayne NeighborsIguanas!Various Key Biscayne NeighborsVarious Key Biscayne NeighborsVarious Key Biscayne NeighborsIguanas!
More NeighorsMoon Rising

One slight­ly sad point: the beau­ti­ful igua­nas (green igua­nas to be pre­cise) you see above are the tar­get of se­ri­ous res­i­dent-led zoocide (herep­to­cide?). Evidently, the­se beau­ti­ful and ut­ter­ly harm­less but nonethe­less ex­oge­nous crea­tures leave drop­pings in in­con­ve­nient places, and this caus­es them to at­tract the ire of lo­cal res­i­dents. (They come out around 11:00am every day to sun them­selves and raise their body tem­per­a­tures; they gen­er­al­ly head “home” around 3:00pm.) At least for this tourist, get­ting a chance to see a few “wild” igua­nas while I was re­lax­ing was a lot of fun, and I can’t imag­ine why any­body would be­grudge them their sun-bathing. Bah Humbug!

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