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Signs of Amusement

by James G. Beldock on July 10, 2008

The British are an amus­ing lot, if per­haps not al­ways be­cause they in­tend to be. Having spent the past two nights at a “hotel” which bore a strik­ing (and un­in­ten­tion­al!) re­sem­blance to Fawlty Towers—com­plete with byzan­ti­ne stair­case and hall­way route to my room—I’ve grown quite fond of the lit­er­ate na­ture of their signs. All man­ner of signs, from those in­struct­ing one not to lit­ter to those ex­plain­ing that an area is closed for con­struc­tion are writ­ten as if they were epigraphs, craft­ed to sur­vive mil­len­nia as trib­utes to a culture’s high­est and most earnest use of their lan­guage. Here are a few of my fa­vorites:

UK_2008-07-07 09-34-55_0002 UK_2008-07-06 22-37-40_0016 UK_2008-07-06 22-03-51_0053
UK_2008-07-06 11-57-56_0028 UK_2008-07-06 11-22-03_0001 UK_2008-07-06 11-02-30_0060
UK_2008-07-06 10-43-33_0059

UK_2008-07-06 10-42-15_0047

And then there are a few I don’t quite get:

UK_2008-07-06 10-12-23_0056 UK_2008-07-06 10-47-14_0067

…a few that that are sim­ply too good to be true…

UK_2008-07-06 09-56-17_0034 UK_2008-07-06 10-38-35_0065

(My heart goes out to this poor scaf­fold­ing. I rec­om­mend Valium or per­haps some­thing in a nice ben­zo­di­azipene, un­der the cir­cum­stances.)

…and now for some part­ing thoughts and a dose of British ad­vise:

UK_2008-07-06 00-48-33_0033

UK_2008-07-09 15-21-44_0061

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