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The New York Times, No Less!

by James G. Beldock on May 29, 2012

All of us at SST (for­mer­ly ShotSpotter) are very proud of Erica Goode‘s ar­ti­cle which ran in the New York Times to­day. “Shots Heard, Pinpointed, and Argued Over” does a great job of ex­plain­ing what we do, and how we help po­lice na­tion­wide. On a per­son­al note, when I joined ShotSpotter we had five cus­tomers, not one of which had more than 2 square miles of cov­er­age. Now we have 70, on three con­ti­nents, the largest of which is 17 square miles. We de­tect any­where from 200 to 1,000 gun­fire in­ci­dents per night. Deeply grat­i­fy­ing to be con­tribut­ing, even in a small way, to a safer world.

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