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It’s About Damn Time (Pregnancy, CEOs, etc.)

by James G. Beldock on July 17, 2012

A year ago, I would have been hard pressed to de­cide whether I thought the Yahoo! board or the HP board was more hope­less. A year lat­er, both have man­aged to ap­point ex­cel­lent CEOs–finally. And both hap­pen to be women–finally. Yahoo!’s board gets ex­tra style points for, at least pub­licly, not giv­ing a hoot that Marissa is ex­pect­ing this fall (see New CEO’s Pregnancy Was Not an Issue for Yahoo Board – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD). It just shouldn’t mat­ter. There was a rough three months when I was both a tech com­pa­ny CEO and hos­pi­tal­ized for a bone in­fec­tion (wis­dom teeth are evil). After spend­ing more time in Stanford University Hospital than most healthy moth­ers do dur­ing and af­ter child­birth, I end­ed up dis­tract­ed with an­tibi­otics and IVs for three months. Other than po­lite­ly check­ing in on my health, my board could not have cared less–and cer­tain­ly they didn’t ques­tion my fit for the job be­cause of it. Why should it be any dif­fer­ent for a wom­an ex­pect­ing a baby? At least she has the ben­e­fit of be­ing able to plan in ad­vance! This qual­i­fies as a pleas­ant turn of events in the all-too-of­ten male-dom­i­nat­ed tech world. 

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