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Polyglot RegEx Tool (Not Safe for Eyes)

by James G. Beldock on March 5, 2013

Sporting pos­si­bly the ugli­est UI I’ve ever seen, but nonethe­less mak­ing it on­to my list of “got­ta have it book­marked” web tools is tx­t2re, a RegEx gen­er­a­tor for pret­ty much any lan­guage that sup­ports reg­u­lar ex­pres­sions ei­ther as first class na­tive el­e­ments or as part of the stan­dard li­brary (Perl, PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Ruby, VB, C# to name a few). It does an im­pres­sive job of pars­ing sam­ple in­put strings and let­ting you spec­i­fy what parts you want to cap­ture. Now, about that UI….

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